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REX provides a complete portfolio of solutions.

The key is in our ability to provide quick affordable solutions to our clients needs. Whether it be a simple isolated performance project or a complex BPMS, we will roll up our sleeves and immediately get to work for you.

Business Process Improvement.

Rapid and effective solutions to your toughest process isssues.


Transactional Process Improvement.

Efficiency, cost, and throughput in Call Centers, Medical, Medicare, and Insurance claim processing.


Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement and Data Analytics.

Experts in Lean and Lean Six Sigma techniques. Data analytics, cost reduction, cycle time, lead time, quality and defect reduction.


Why Choose REX

The number one reason to choose us is because we get results.

We are roll up your sleeves, action oriented skilled implementers of the tools of Process Improvement and Lean Six Sigma. We know what tool to use and when. Although we use tools and produce charts we never forget that they are nothing without results. We listen carefully to our clients seeking to exceed their requests.

Our Stats

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee%

Data Accuracy Improvement%

Reduction in Errors%

Employee Frustration Improvement%