Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement / Data Analytics

Build ongoing continuous improvement into your culture.

A solid ongoing platform for improvment

Business today requires that organizations continually search for opportunities to drive down costs while continuing to run the business. Lean Six Sigma provides a platform that dovetails into ongoing operations to drive out costs in a very effective manner. It generates opportunities for improved efficiencies, higher productivity, and cost savings.

While some firms apply every tool, chart, and graph possible REX associates apply only the right ones. We understand that analysis is the beginning of the improvement process and not the end. Our associates get right to work listening to you, your employees and team members, and observing. We ask questions, analyze, and engage your team until we have a clear understanding of opportunities to improve. Opportunities that drive dollars to the bottom line and or serve customers better.

REX will assist in building a methodical improvement process into your organization. One that will remain in place after our consultants leave. We will put highly effective analytics in place that will work for you long into the future. Your employees will know WHAT to work on, what a countermeasure is, and how to implement them.

We will use Lean Six Sigma to implement a business performance improvement framework that will align every area of the business with the overall goals of the company. Hundreds of inconsistent and ad hoc spreadsheets will be replaced with fewer, clearer, and integrated reports. Teams will have more time to address gaps to goals with countermeasures.

REX associates will assist in identifying valuable improvement projects and mentor your team in completing them.

A wise man once said that the most important decision we make each day is "what to work on". All the effort in the world toward the wrong tasks is futile. Successful businesses and people work on the most important things each day. The business analytics we will put in place will reveal those important opportunities.



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